Iranian banezh company is one of the Knowledge-Based companies located in Pardis Technology Park Iran Silicon Valley, which aims to produce and localize rotating parts and equipment for the important and strategic industries of the country (oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, steel, cement, etc.) With the aim of supplying the complete cycle of manufacturing and production of spare parts of the mentioned industries is active in the field of design, reverse engineering, preparation of technical certificate of manufacturing of parts, manufacturing and production and technical inspection of parts, equipment and machinery.

Iranian Banezh consists of various units and working groups, including technical engineering, laboratory services, research and development, production and technical inspection, which has been able to take advantage of the powerful structure and experienced expert staff with regard to the innovations and innovations used and the scientific approach. In all stages, as well as using advanced equipment, offer its services in compliance with international standards.

We are proud that by achieving the ability to produce technical knowledge and technology for manufacturing foreign parts, equipment and machines and trying to localize and remove dependence with the support of years of continuous activity as well as continuous communication with reliable domestic factories in the service of advancing the goals of the industries of our beloved country.